Vacuum Kiln Plants

Fast drying of thick and valuable hardwoods.

It is all about cash flow … and here you thought it was about quality, color retention, speed and labor. Well it is, sort of.

Let us explain:

The reasons for using a vacuum kiln instead of a traditional forced heat kiln dryer are:

  • 3-5 times faster drying
  • 1/3 –1/2 the energy consumption of a conventional system per board foot.
  • Significantly higher drying quality over conventional drying.
  • High quality or gentler drying on the wood allows for the processing of much thicker dimensions and processing is less expensive.

So bottom line is that when you can turn around 6 loads when you normally would turn just one load…well you sell more and get paid faster – it is a simple as that!

Installation Pictures

Examples of Lumber used for Vacuum drying

Check in with us  for details, plant sizes based on your production needs