Pressure Treating Plants

Protecting wood from insects,  invertebrates and microbial.

The Moldrup companies have always been at the forefront of development into industrial wood preservation and vacuum drying, resulting in many patents around the world.

American Wood Technology does not supply any chemical and thus our clients are free to work with any chemical supplier of choice. You can freely purchase our equipment and then choose the chemical supplier that best suits your operation, preference and location.

Models T10 & T20 Pressure/Vacuum Treating Plants

Simple but efficient treating plants using the full-cell (Bethell), as well as the modified empty cell (a Moldrup invention) process for treatment of wood in hazard classes 3, 4 and 5 being wood used for the garden, fencing material, Wine Yard-sticks, agricultural posts and utility poles and posts, as well as building lumber for decking and outside cladding, among others.

One very unique feature of our plants is that in most applications we have a tilting Autoclave. We will use the tilting function on the last vacuum phase, resulting in an almost complete drip-free treated product exiting the cylinder upon completion of the desired process.

Plants are supplied for small capacities like 5,000 b.ft./charge and up to  larger industrial sizes of 100,000M ~ 42,377,600 b.ft./yr. A very typical plant has a capacity of 12M3 ~ 5,100 b.ft. per charge or 9,000 M3 ~ 3,814,000 b.ft. per year in a single shift operation. This type set up offer an autoclave 1.8 Mtr~71” in diameter at a length of 12 Mtr~39’ 5” for use with packs of 1.20 x 1.20 x 12.0 meters ~ 3’ 11-1/4” x 3’ 11-1/4” x 39’ 4-7/16”.

Installation Pictures

Lumber samples


Our plants are supplied in one completely installed and mounted unit that is operational upon being placed in a concrete foundation and connected to water and power. If the plants are too large to be supplied in one unit, they are transported in 2 or more finished and completed units, easily and quickly installed and then connected at the place of operation.

We also offer a special budget solution – our T-50 plant – see pictures and ask us for more details to learn if this plant type fits your application – and budget.

More than 1000 of our T-Type plants are in daily operation around the world!

In addition to the described T-Type plants, we offer other treatments of lumber including the following.

Ammonia & Smoke Treatment System

Red Oak Table made from Ammonia treated wood

Low pressure treating both Oils and special pigmentation (color) treatments