Laboratory Equipment & Services

Research & Development (R&D) for wood impregnation.

IWT/Moldrup has been at the forefront of the development in-plant and process techniques for industrial wood impregnation for two generations. Present Research & Development (R&D) programs include:

  • Wood modification through Thermo treatment of wood to increase surface hardening and dimensional stability. Several industrial plants are testing our newer products in real-time applications.
  • Wood polymerisation for protection of wood used in Hazard Class 4 (ground contract) such a posts, poles and sleepers, as well as high-quality garden products. Simple and well-documented system.
  • Ammonium treatment of hardwoods to obtain a uniform darker color and increased dimensional stability.
  • Earlier R+D successes include the super-heated steam-drying process and royal treatment for preservation and coloring of wood with linseed oil.

Installation Pictures

R&D Laboratory equipment

12Testing equipment for accelerated wood drying used among others at McFarland Cascade (now Stella Jones).

13Pilot plant for various treatment processes used at a number of facilities throughout North America and elsewhere in the world.

We have a Thermo modification testing line installed and operating at NRRI in Duluth, Minnesota.

Services – Other

Through our network of local US partners, we can provide different treating products and services like:

  • Tie branding equipment
  • Soring lines
  • Tie stacking systems
  • Rail car oil receiving stations
  • Door adjustment services and ring modifications
  • Customized machinery and specialty equipment

Please contact us for any needs you may have and together we can explore the possibilities.