Creosote Treating Plants

Creosote has been a well-proven wood preservative for more than 180 years. For the past 30 years, Moldrup has been in the forefront with new developments for creosote impregnation of railway ties, bridge timbers and utility poles. Plants are supplied as cost-efficient simple plants for the full-cell and empty-cell processes and as very sophisticated creosoting plant for the Rüping process, Double-Rüping and Boulton. Plants are supplied with annual capacities from 4,000 and up to 40,000 M3 ~ 170,000 – 1,700,000 b.ft.

All our plants meet the latest environmental requirements, including elimination of any wastewater and fume control systems.

Installation Pictures

Copper naphthenate alternative (CuNap)

IWT/Moldrup is cooperating closely with the manufacturers of the expected alternative to creosote for ties and poles = copper napthtenate, to secure a continued use of wood in the industry.

rockWe offer our turnkey concept for tie and pole plants, allowing our client to concentrate on their operation itself and not the traditional months-long installation process for a treating plant.

Our plant arrives on site either complete or in sections, depending on final size, where all piping and internal wiring is supplied together. Needless to say, this offers tremendous savings for any client compared with traditional plant-building methodology.

In addition to our full turnkey systems, we can supply replacement automatic pump skids, allowing you to automate an existing plant, and if you look in our component and automation section, you will find our hydraulic doors and rail bridges, independent automatic plant control systems and the like.