Plant Automation and Components

Automated treating and material handling for your plant.

American Wood Technology offers a complete solution for wood treating!

This includes any possible solution for handling the lumber transport in, out and/or through of the cylinders, in and out of the dip tanks, up and down stacking for kiln loads, stickering, transfer bridges, rail bridges, conveyors, both rollers and chains, etc.

We have highly automated solutions for “lights out” plants where a client will load a weekend’s production on the white wood side of the treating plant Friday afternoon and will come back Monday morning and all the lumber is treated automatically over the weekend.

We have systems in place where the lumber stacks are conveyed from the white wood side through the cylinders on rollers and out to a drip-off area on the treated wood side.

We offer traditional transfer bridges, where the entire charge is transferred into and out of the cylinder(s) to and from staging areas.

Components for Treating Plants

You may already have a working plant and simply wish to add a new door. Maybe you have a plant with one or more of the old style bolt-on-door. Or maybe you need to make your plant a double door system for faster loading and emptying, Well, we can help.

We design and build hydraulic doors to order. Any size and configuration. ASME certified or just CE stamped – whatever is needed – see our picture gallery for some of the many doors we have built and supplied in the past.

…and other items that comes to mind could be fume control systems like vent hoods, Thermo oil plant heating systems, replacing old-type heating coils and steam heating with more modern and efficient boilers.

Call us for ideas and new opportunities.

Installation Pictures

Components & Automation