Our team has been in the Rough Mill business for the past 37+ years and has been involved in most phases of our industry. Our personnel have been working with rough mill lines, equipment design, fabrication and layouts. We were instrumental in the North American Machine Vision Business (Scanners) since its infancy in 1995 and have been working in control systems ever since. Our European partners have been building and selling wood treating plants since the early ’60s and were operating treating plants prior to this.

At AWT we deal only with the most reputable and established vendors! All our partner companies are multi-generation owned and operated equipment manufacturers ensuring you – our customers – the best possible support and most well-designed processing equipment available today.

Our main vendor partner, International Wood Technology LLC (IWT) – Moldrup is a well-known supplier of treating equipment throughout the world since the late ’60s. The Moldrup family has been active in industrial wood preservation and accelerated wood drying (vacuum drying) for 2 generations, and many of the unique treating techniques in use today were in fact developed by the Moldrup family, who held the patents for such for many years. The patents have long expired, but the ideas are still in use today. Moldrup has 3 main focus areas:

  • The sale of equipment, plants and projects for industrial wood preservation and vacuum drying worldwide. In fact, Moldrup has delivered more treating plants worldwide and all other equipment producers combines. With well over 1,000 plants in daily operation, IWT/Moldrup is the largest single supplier of treating machinery and equipment in our industry.
  • Operation of companies offering service treatment on several continents either as 100% subsidiary companies or as joint ventures trading under the Ipalco name.
  • Research and development into new processes for environmentally friendly protection of wood.

The Moldrup companies have always been at the forefront of development into industrial wood preservation and super heated steam vacuum drying.

Within our close partner network is also Broedbaek A/S, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of automation and handling equipment for the primary wood business


To bring unique and profitable equipment and service solutions, unsurpassed by our competition, to the woodworking manufacturing customer base in North, Central and South America.


  • We work with integrity = we do what we say we do!
  • We will bring unique solutions to your business.
  • We employ and partner with the best people available, so that you are ensured the very best of equipment and services.
  • We sell our equipment and offer our services at reasonable prices, allowing profitability to sustain service and support to our customer and a reasonable return of investment to our owners.
  • The products and service we are offering are relevant to the customers in the areas in which we work.


  • We will build and maintain an organization where our associates can’t wait to go to work each and every day. By creating the best possible environment for our employees, they will be able to do the best possible job for you, our customers.
  • Our company should be the supplier and vendor that our clients and potential customers love to do business with and are excited to contact for information, assistance and services.
  • Our company should be the compan, our agents, dealers and partners prefer to do business with over any of their other vendors.
  • Our company should be the one agent, colleague, importer, partner or customer that our suppliers prefer to be associated with and do business with.


Our owner and founder, Claus Staalner, came to the United States in 1981 from Denmark. He has been involved in the woodworking industry since 1982, bringing European Technology to the North, Central and South American markets. Claus has been involved in a number of North American businesses within our industry. Today we bring unique and profitable equipment and service solutions, unsurpassed by our competition, to the wood treating and manufacturing customer base.

  • We offer our potential clients the latest wood treating technology and methodologies based on our partners’ extensive research and experience.
  • We support and market via our industry’s trade associations and offer our clients the best possible support via our extensive network of service oriented organizations.
  • We operate a lean corporate structure and pass any and all savings on to our clients, without sacrificing quality and service.


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Gender is used loosely…believe me!

To the very best of our knowledge, we did not steel, capture, copy or pilpher anything from anybody for this website. We used our own pictures and materials where possible, other than what was made available to us from our vendor partner(s) used with written permission and as such used in the best of faith.

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